Travels Abroad

I am not a blogger! It’s really hard for me to write about things other people might find useful or amusing. Other volunteers have written a lot about Honduras and the school, so I guess our readers have a good picture what it’s like down here. That is why I decided not to write about Honduras. I’ll write about Guatemala instead.

If people decide to come to Cofradia and help the local community, they get a lot in return. One of the things is the possibility to travel in Central America. Being in Honduras means that it’s really easy to get to neighbouring countries. I find it amazing – having the option to go to Guatemala or Nicaragua…

This Christmas I decided to go to Guatemala with my fellow volunteer, Saskia.

Saskia and I during our travels.

Guatemala is really beautiful. I don’t even know where to begin. We started in a small town called Livingston. It’s a quiet town with nice restaurants and cafés. What I enjoyed the most was our trip to Seven altars and Playa blanca. If you like the nature, Guatemala is the place to be.

seven altars playa blanca

Another place worth mentioning is Antigua. With plenty of cafes and restaurants Antigua offers a great nightlife as well as ‘chillout’ time during the day. When visiting Antigua, you can’t miss visiting the volcanoes. I don’t have to say a lot about it, just look at the below picture – I was standing on the top of Paquaya enjoying this breathtaking view.

antigua antigua 1

After few days in Antigua, I ended up (by accident) at the lake Atitlan. Again – no need for words, just enjoy the pictures.


All I’m trying to say I guess is that it is worth coming to Honduras for many reasons and one of them is traveling in your spare time.

-Viera, 8th and 9th grade teacher

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