Adios Slacker-­Life

A couple months before I came here, I was still in high school ­and experienced the greatest stress ever known to me. As boring as it sounds, the reason was exams. High Schools in Germany end with big exams, called the A-­level. You have to take these exams to study at a university. This stress was probably even greater for me than for some of my fellow classmates. I was a big slacker in all aspects of my life that I did not take great joy in, not getting off my a** to do any kind of productive work. Procrastination was my diet. Enough insight into my once so miserable, unmotivated existence.

Now, about 10 months later, I have my sh*t together because otherwise I would let my kids down. Somehow, the responsibility of 38 children, less distractions from irrelevant events and things, lack of entertainment options, and an uncomfortable weight gain due to Hondurans love of sugar, have all made me as motivated and disciplined as ever.

Here are some examples of improvements:

  • I come to school prepared. (I don’t remember the last time I, as a student, came to school prepared.)
  • I gave up certain addictions and forms of entertainment.
  • Daily workouts, including newly added jogging (I was never the “jogging is so great, it helps to relax and let go off daily stress” kind of person. ­I was rather disgusted by achieving happiness this way), five times a week.
  • Conscious eating, saying no to candy, cake, soda, baleadas. I am 2 months soda-­free
  • I restarted Harry Potter and spend more time reading than watching TV shows I am embarrassed to admit just knowing about.
  • I get at least 8 hours of sleep: turning the lights off after 9.30 has become a rebellious thing to do.
  • Patience is a skill any teacher will develop, often the hard way.

etc..and yes, everyone who remembers being in school, writing an essay and finishing the list of examples with etc, will know that “etc” basically means a non­existence of further examples.

This list does not go on forever, and I will spare you the “I’ve learned so much about myself, developed further” babbling. You have heard that often enough. It’s still true though.

So, what was the whole point of me pumping up my confidence and patting myself on the shoulder? It all comes down to one thing: You feel like you could reach a little more happiness and satisfaction with yourself as a human being by making some changes? Coming here might be the way to do it.

If that doesn’t motivate you, I’ll try hypnotizing you with the beauty of Honduras.






-Saskia, 5th and 6th grade teacher