After a Year in Honduras

It’s unbelievable but the time has come and the school year is coming to an end and it makes me think a lot about everything I had learned, seen and done. It’s been an incredible experience. I’m proud that I had the opportunity to teach my kids. I became very fond of them. It hasn’t always been easy, but it was worth it.


All I can say is that I would recommend everyone who has the time to come for a year and give a little bit of yourself. You will get something back…actually… a lot.

Teaching aside, because of being here in Honduras for nearly a year, I’ve had an opportunity to learn about this unique culture. Whilst there are things I don’t understand or don’t accept, I’ve seen how happy many people are without having much. And I’m not only talking about money. I’ve seen so many broken families, parents who have left their kids to move to a different country for work or just found new partners…or maybe without any good reason. Despite this, people seem to be happy and capable of taking this life the way it is…. Maybe it’s just my perception, but sometimes I think that Hondurans know how to really live (unlike us hurried Europeans who spend so much time working rather than with friends and family or planning our lives than actually living them).


I’ve also met so many unbelievably hospitable and nice people. I’ve stayed in so many houses of people I barely knew. They have cooked for me, showed me around, and offered their homes.

Once my friend asked me if I wanted to visit a small village in Santa Barbara for some kind of celebration and he met fantastic people there a week before. I agreed, and ended up having a great weekend staying in someone’s house. The mother was so nice – she would wait for us until we got back from the festivities and cook for us, and when we woke up, she was in the kitchen ready to serve breakfast and coffee… I would change any 5 star hotel experience for this.


Another example is a recent one. I wanted to visit La Ceiba (a beach town in the north) and mentioned it to my Honduran friend. Turns out her aunt has family there. We were there for three days, being fed, shown around… incredible.

Every time I visited any Honduran family, I always felt like I’m at home. There is something about Hondurans…they are so easy and welcoming. It’s hard to describe.

I’m truly happy I was here and I know that when leaving at the end of July, it will be heart breaking as I will miss all my friends I found here.


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