My First Month in Honduras

When I first started telling people back home that I was going to come and teach in Honduras, many of them asked me where it was and asked why I would do such a thing. I have always wanted to teach in a less fortunate country then the one that I have grown up in. And as to why Honduras, my answer was ‘why not’! After months of planning preparation I hopped on a plane in Brisbane, 14 hours later was in LA and spent an entire day exploring the city. My next flight was at 1am, and eventually I arrived in Cofradia just after lunchtime, close to 2 full days after I left Australia.


When I arrived the school term was in full swing. I did take over my classes on the first day and I am now the English teacher for 9th and 10th grade. My first week was spent getting to know the students and tying up loose ends before their study week officially started late in that same week. I am very thankful that I have the oldest students in the school because I know no Spanish and their level of English surprised me (In a good way). We had a bit of work to do in 9th grade to remember that I was a Miss and not a Mister. The two students tried to convince me that it was because they had had a male teacher right before I arrived.

Copan (2)

Week 2 was fantastic – it was two days of school and then a five day weekend! I chose to travel to Copan Ruinas in that time. Copan is about a four hour bus ride away, but absolutely beautiful. Seeing Macaws up close was by far my favourite part of the trip, although the ruins themselves were remarkable.


Week 3 was exam week, which was a crazy week full of testing and marking, but only half days at school. Another thing that surprised me was the 70% pass mark, back home in Australia you only need 50% to pass in most things. What was even better to see, was how enthusiastic the students were to find out whether they had met that mark or not. I can’t take the credit (yet), but all of the students passed! I am excited to see how they go this term when I am the teacher for the whole term.

Last week was my 4th week in Honduras where we started the second term of the school year. It was great to get a proper day to day routine started in the classroom. I also started to go in to 1st grade on a daily basis to help out for one lesson. These kids are absolutely adorable! We do still have the Mister problem (they have a male teacher for English), but we are working on it.

At school

There is a lot of community spirit alive within the school. The students, even if I have only spent one lesson doing relief in their classroom, will run over and say ‘Hello Miss Sarah’ or give a huge hug when they see you. Walking to the shops students and other teachers will hang out of their car or moto taxi to yell out hello. Even though I have no family and didn’t know anyone here before I came, Cofradia has really started to feel like home to me.

-Sarah, 9th and 10th grade teacher

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