Thoughts from Atul

My journey began in Honduras 7 months ago when I decided to move from the United States to teach English here. Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras and is located about 4 hours from San Pedro Sula (SPS). San Pedro Sula is an industrial town much like Bombay, India where I originally come from. Tegucigalpa happens to be a Political Capital with lots off hilly areas to see if you decide to drive.

Cofradia is a small town in the District of Cortez. No matter what you read online or hear, Cofradia is the safest town I have ever lived in Honduras. The people here are very sweet and friendly; they will always greet you with a smile. So when you are in Honduras, check out Cofradia.

It has been an amazing experience being at Cofradia Bilingual School for the past two months. My day begins at 6:30 in the morning when the bus picks us (volunteers) up. The school is less than a mile from where we live. We get to school at about 6:45 after the bus picks up other volunteers from the second house not too far from us.

Once we are in school, we get our coffee at the cafeteria where Bessy the Cafeteria manager always has a warm smile and coffee waiting for us. I have never tasted coffee this good anywhere. She takes special care to prepare the coffee and filters it about 3-4 times to get just the right flavor. Every Monday morning we have our Activo Civico (in Spanish) for the week’s commencement. During this time the students sing the Honduran national anthem (you should see the pride in students’ faces), then the Honduras teacher speaks, and finally all the volunteer teachers are called upon to present “The Star of Week” to one of the students from each class.

IMG_0506My class is the Sixth Grade and is small with only 14 students. I am currently teaching English and Science. We at CBS generally follow our assigned curriculum and try to adhere to it. It can be a challenge to teach the students at times, after all the age level of the students is between 10 and 13, so you can imagine the challenge, however once you reach out to the students they can be a fun bunch to teach.

There are quite a few places to visit during the weekend and holidays. You can take the bus to San Pedro Sula which is about a 35 minute bus ride through valleys and other small towns. I recommend taking the bus, it is a great experience, you get to mingle with the locals which gives a bit of cross cultural experience.

You can go to the Copan Ruinas by bus from Cofradia, Tela beaches or the islands of Utilla or Roatan. Tegucigalpa the capital is about a four and a half hour bus ride. There you will find the city’s typical hustle and bustle. There are more taxis here than anywhere else in Central America. They are a bit pricey, so be sure to haggle with the taxista (taxi driver), otherwise he will really take you for a ride. Oh, yes when you are travelling here or any other city for that matter, do not expose your belongings. In general it is quite safe except for at night. I would recommend staying in Colonia Las Lomas. Here you will find the 5 Star Hotels and restaurants and it is generally quite safe there.

So all in all it will be a great experience whether you are staying here as a volunteer teacher or just passing by. Have a safe and pleasant journey.

Atul, Sixth Grade 2015-16

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