Me Encanta Cofradia


CBS, a small school in Cofradia. Made up of about 300 students. It’s where I’ve been volunteering my time for the last 3 months. I am teaching English, Social Studies, and Science to 4th graders. img_3156Working with these children has easily been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In just the three short months I’ve been here I have fallen in love with my position as a teacher and with the students of CBS. The students here are different than the ones from back home in America, they’re overall a bit tougher here and seem to have stronger wills. Personally I have found that this leads to both more challenges with my students but also a much stronger bond with them. Most are not shy and their blunt honesty shines through and lets you see exactly who and what you’re dealing with. Like I said, sometimes you really appreciate their honesty and other times you think “Wow, am I actually getting fat?”… (The answer to that is probably not. I’ve lost roughly 15 pounds since I have been here! Beans and rice will do that to a guy.)

“Me encanta Cofradia” is always my answer when people ask what I think about living here in Honduras. Life here is totally different than it is at home and I couldn’t be happier with that fact. Not so much that I don’t like life at home, instead I embrace and enjoy the challenges of every day life here. I will not lie to you, if you’re not ready to adapt to a new lifestyle, then I suggest you either volunteer for the shorter duration or not at all. You can look at the grueling heat we undergo and think “Wow, this is horrible…”, or, you can think “Praise Jesus, I have a fan!”. I choose the latter. The challenges I have faced here, in only three short months, have already made me a stronger person with a better outlook on life. I have taken joy in every thing I possibly can and try my best not to take advantage of what I have. I pray that I can uphold this mindset when I return home to the land where nothing is quite “good enough”. IMG_3292.jpgThe beautiful thing about this country is they know how to relax and just roll with the punches. You order food and it takes 30 minutes to be made. Big deal. Hang out and talk for a bit. When you get it, it has a taste that you’d be willing to wait twice as long for. One thing for certain, I am a food enthusiast. When people ask how I’m doing, I usually end up ranting about the delicious flavors this country has to offer. Beleadas, fried chicken, tajadas, meat plates, gringas, fried fish, and now I’m hungry. The options they have here are out of this world and I officially give Honduras a ‘food lovers stamp of approval’.

Lastly, I want to tell you about the people in this wonderful country. They are the main reason why this country gives such a breath taking and life changing experience to people like me. They are some of the most grateful and generous people I have ever met. Many families here have close to nothing yet they still want to give you everything. I can think of one such interaction with a family in which they did me great favor and would not, no matter how many times I tried, accept money for the favor. Instead, they decided to provide dinner and entertainment for the evening for both me and my girlfriend. Quite an unorthodox and unexpected exchange it was, to me anyway. The happiness here is contagious. Communication with Hondurans is not always easy for people like me, being that the extent of my spanish when I arrived was “hola”. It’s possible that it has something to do with the communication gap. That being said, If you take the time to interact with the people here, you will not be disappointed. They are patient with non-bilingual people like myself and do their best to help the conversation move along “smoothly”.


I have enjoyed myself immensely for the last three months and I look forward to what the next seven months bring for me. I still have quite a lot to learn!

Mr Graham, 4th Grade Teacher


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