Te Quiero, Cofradia

When I told my parents I was going to Honduras to teach they laughed and asked, “are you sure that’s a good idea?” My grandma remarked, “I hope that is in Ontario.” Honduras is certainly not in Ontario, and coming here has been one of the best ideas of my life. I saw the listing for Cofradia’s Bilingual School and was immediately drawn to the school, I applied for the position the same day I saw it.

dsc01630There is something so compelling about CBS, that sets it apart from any other teaching setting I have encountered. The students and teachers are the most wonderful group of people I have witnessed, and the love and admiration they have for each other is what makes the school so successful. The school is so incredible that sometimes you forget that you have not had running water for four days, sometimes.

My two month stay is almost at a close, I leave later in the week, and although I look forward to hot water, and Canadian poutine, I do not look forward to having to leave behind the people I had grown so close to. I have never met a more welcoming, appreciative and loving group of students than the one’s at CBS. Cofradia is the most impressive place I have visited, and I think forever it will hold a deep place in my heart.

Cofradia’s beauty lies in the people dsc01407who live here. Teaching these students is so rewarding, and their eagerness drives you to constantly improve everything from your teaching methods to your outlook on life. Kneeling down to give a kid a hug and then being mauled by twelve first-graders, gives someone a feeling that cannot be replicated. Or sitting with a child in your lap colouring together, when he turns to you and says, “te quiero, Miss. I love you.”

I want to thank the students and teachers of Cofradia’s Bilingual School for showing so much appreciation and dedication, you have changed my life and I will miss you all.

Te quiero.

Miss Scarlett, Resource Teacher.


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