Gratitude Is My Attitude


I have lived in Cofradia for 115 days. Out of these days there has been a total of 0 days that I haven’t awoken in the morning and felt gratitude. To be able to be in the exact place you were meant to be, doing exactly what you want to do is an amazing feeling. Every day I am overcome with thankfulness and gratitude. From the incredible kids at our school who make my job exciting, challenging and most of all rewarding, to the beautiful home we have here, to the new people we have met that we now call our friends and the opportunity to truly assimilate into a new culture. My thankful for list is endless and continues to grow each day. When you have an attitude of gratitude your outlook on life exudes positivity and this in turn causes a peace and happiness that is difficult to be shaken when difficult circumstances come your way.

Whpamen I was deciding what to write about in this blog, my mind kept coming back to the people. The people are why we are here. There is something so uplifting about seeing people happy when their circumstances are often quite the opposite.  Living here has showed me that happiness is a choice. It doesn’t depend on what the weather is, how much money is in your bank account, what your furniture looks like or how many friends you have. There are people here that live in concrete houses without windows or doors, without kitchens, without clean water, and sometimes even not knowing where their next meal will come from. Even with these challenges, I see them with smiles on their faces, inviting guests over and cooking for them, sharing what little they have. Regardless of their life situation, they are choosing happiness.

The kids that I have the privilege of teaching bring such a light into our lives.pam They are filled with wonder when you teach them a new song or a show them an experiment to learn about hard and soft foods. They squeal with excitement when they get to do a fun craft or when they earn their 5 stickers from good behavior and get to pick from the prize bin. They have the most beautiful smiles that can literally melt your heart. Between their hugs, their giggles, the pictures they make for me, and their love of using newly learned words I have never enjoyed my days more.

Entering into the holiday season, I want to keep sharing love and spreading happiness. I can’t wait to experience the traditions of a Honduras Navidad.  Being here with my children and being able to give away donations sent from family and friends will help us live out the true meaning of Christmas spirit. Giving is far more gratifying than receiving could ever be. Embrace your family, make new memories, continue your holiday traditions and Feliz Navidad!

pam-3Miss Pam, 1st Grade Teacher



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