#1 Decision

There is no other place that I would rather be!  Sure, life here comes with small struggles, but it is 100% worth every single minute.  I decided to come to CBS, for one year, almost two years ago and I am now in my second school year here and dreading the end coming in July, when sadly my leave from work in Australia runs out. 

I started packing my bags in April 2015 to leave Australia towards the end of September 2015.  I, of course, over packed trying to prepare myself for all situations.  I was recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease (not able to eat any food containing wheat, oats, barley or rye) and I have had type one diabetes (insulin dependent) for just over 10 years. Most importantly I was packing my diabetes supplies to ensure I could get through the year with enough supplies and extras if anything happened!


Insulin for a year!

I packed 120 pump sites, 15 boxes of 100 blood testing strips, an extra pump (one of the reps from the company that my pump was through said it would probably be an issue if anything happened to it while I was here), 3 different blood glucose meters, ketone strips in case I got sick, enough insulin for the year (I am still using that halfway through my second year here) and the list could go on and on.  In the end one of my 2 big bags was practically all diabetes supplies, with a couple of Cadbury chocolates stuffed in the side in case there wasn’t any great chocolate here!  Realistically I was a massive worry wart because living here with diabetes is no different to being at home, except when I want a little advice from my awesome network of friends (& Angels) back home I need to wait a while until they are awake as we are 16 hours behind Australian time here.


My diabetes angels in Australia

The food is good too.  I did get a little bored with rice and corn tortillas after a few months, but then I was introduced to a supermarket in San Pedro Sula that has a whole gluten free (GF) section. Of course it is expensive, a bit more then back home, but it has some great food that gives me a little break from the rice and corn diet occasionally.  Recently one of my good friends and house mates from last year visited and he brought down 4 different packets of GF baking mixes.  Thanks Avery, you rock!  When visiting student’s houses we are always given food, all of the families are so kind and understanding of what I can and can’t eat.  I can now explain in Spanish that ‘I can’t eat anything that contains wheat flour because it makes me sick’, because one of my students gives me Spanish class.  



Yes, I have talked food and ailments in this entry rather than about the experiences at school, because if you are reading this and are considering coming and have anything that you are worried about like this, it really is no problem and the school is amazing as you can read in other posts!  I am a strong believer in doing whatever I put my mind to and like to try and treat every obstacle like a positive challenge.  Being here in Cofradia is the best decision of my life!

Miss Sarah, 10th & 11th grade teacher

One thought on “#1 Decision

  1. Hi Sarah So impressed with all you have had to deal with and it certainly makes one stronger,you should be proud of yourself. Im off to Europe France Italy Spain & Switzerland in May already stressing about how im going to cope with my medications back & leg pain but know ill be ok as i survive here on trips ive done just apprehension i guess as not having done abroad before. Keep enjoying and travel the world! Love Denise


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