I found myself incredibly homesick, but to my surprise, not homesick for Australia.

So, I get the pleasure of telling you all about the last 4 months of my life….here goes!

If you had of asked me in July when I finished my semester of uni what I thought I’d be doing for the rest of the year, never once would I have said teaching 2nd grade in Honduras! One of my best friends had been in Cofradia for a few years, and every time we’d skype she’d tell me about all the incredible things they’d been doing, or just about the craziness that is Honduras. I’m not usually one to make rash decisions, but something about going to Honduras just seemed to fit in my head after one of our skypes, and after hardly any thought on the matter, I messaged Dana and said I’m coming! Before I knew it I had deferred my uni for a year and started saving like crazy!

I’ll just put this out there, geography was never my strongest points, but when I made the decision to come to Honduras, I actually had no idea where it was. I knew nothing about the country except for the fact that my friend was there, and there was a class that needed a teacher. I decided to keep it that way, because I was excited for the adventure and surprise that lay ahead. Never could I have imagined the beauty and the kindness this country had to offer, and the amazing people that were about to enter my life.

My first few days were a bit rough! After 36 hours in transit (didn’t need a map at that point to realise it was a bloody long way away), I arrived in San Pedro Sula without any bags, and experienced my first dose of Honduran humidity. I also experienced my first day without running water, along with no power. I went to school the next day to meet my class, after 3 days of no showers, no clean clothes and looking like an absolute mess. But thankfully to these 7 year olds that stuff didn’t really matter, as long as you give them lots of hugs and smiles then you’re in their good books.


But unfortunately, learning English isn’t all about hugs and smiles. And I definitely learnt this the hard way (as we all do) in the first few weeks where I was so incredibly overwhelmed with 30 kids, whose first language was not that of my own, and who all needed my attention….all at the same time! But again, as we all do, I managed to find my feet with the help of my incredible work mates, who are now my best mates, which without I would’ve been an inconsolable mess by the end of my first week.

My kids……well, where to even begin! Each day I get to see these amazing little humans learn confidence in themselves, that they can learn anything they allow themselves to, and that are capable of so much. These kids amaze me every single day, and I don’t think I could ever explain to someone how much love I have for them. The fact that even thinking about this right now as I write my blog has brought me to tears (the ugly kind), I know that leaving them in June is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But I know they’re going to become incredible people, and being able to have had them, and all the kids at CBS in my life is something I’m so grateful for.


For the Christmas holidays, most of the volunteers went home, but unfortunately Australia is a bit of a trek, so I decided to travel though a bit of Central America. After 4 weeks of traveling, I found myself incredibly homesick, but to my surprise, not homesick for Australia. I was homesick for Honduras, for the morning greeting by Don Chepe (our school guard), for the baleada lady who calls me “mi amor”, for Quique at the Pupusaria who is just a downright legend, and for all the amazing people who have become such a huge part of my life. That’s not to say that I don’t miss my life back in Australia, I always long to see my family, to hug them and know they’re ok, but I know that my life here is where I need to be for the time being, and they fact they are all so supportive is something I am so thankful for every day.

To sum it up, it’s been the most amazing rash decision I’ve ever made. My life has completely changed, and I have no idea how I’m going to be able to say goodbye to this incredible country and the amazing people in it come June! But for now, I’m going to enjoy my life here, continue to speak my terrible aussie bogan attempt at Spanish, eat as may baleadas as my heart desires, and make even more life long memories!

Miss Sophia


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