I want them to flourish.

28641565_1610533522346212_1342437246_oI was never going to be a teacher. Never. I have always enjoyed learning and have always been great in class, but voluntarily putting myself in a classroom where I had to have control over 20+ kids was never my plan. Both of my parents worked as teachers while I grew up and I was fully aware of the cons of the profession. The hard work, complaining from parents, and the piles of paperwork that had to be done after any incident. However, here, it is nothing like that. Here I am greeted with smiles when I enter the class and pure gratification when I have the opportunity of talking to the parents. Here, I am not questioned nor mis- believed if there has been an incident,  and for some reason, everyone believes in my teaching skills.
         In Sweden we take much for granted. You will most likely not encounter a student in high school that feels grateful for the teachers work and effort or that it challenges you (in a good way that is). However, I want to believe that I was one of those students that sought clarification from my teachers and that they found that uplifting. I asked many questions and did not accept an answer saying ‘’because that is the way it is’’ or ‘’you don’t need to know that’’. I performed well and felt like those years in elementary school gave me a broad general knowledge, and as a human I think I turned out quite decent. That was only two years ago, but it feels like previous life.  


          I try to use my age in  a positive way and what I lack in teaching experience I try to make up for by using my learning experiences. I try to teach the way I wish I would have been taught, with the risk of possibly over explaining and putting the bars too high. I want my classes to be stimulating and challenging both for me and my students. I want them to have their questions answered and wishes fulfilled (with the exception of baseball Fridays).  When I see the same look in their eyes that I know that I had,  I feel like I am getting somewhere. That is after all what I came here to do, inspire them to learn, expose their curious selves and hopefully get them to develop a passion for learning. I want them to  flourish. I came here to give these kids the possibility of a better future,  and sure I could just keep introducing them to new topics and information but truth is, they will probably not remember more than 10% of what I teach them anyways. However, if I can give them a new way of looking at things, broaden their horizons and influence their values, I hope I can leave this amazing place with a feeling of fulfillment and serenity. Something I have been looking for the last couple of years.
          I have had the urge to go here for a long time, Central America had always seemed tempting. A vacation would not be enough, I wanted to completely indulge in the culture. That was when I found the website Workaway. Absolutely brilliant. I had already learned enough Spanish during my eight months is Spain and the timing couldn’t be better. I found CBS and a few other schools that I applied to, mostly in in Honduras, since after doing some research had decided that this was the place to be if I really wanted to make a difference. Am I happy this is where I ended up? Yes, I honestly don’t believe I could have found a program that fit me better. That I on top of it all got my own class made things even better, harder, but definitely more fulfilling.
       My fourth graders keeps surprising and disappointing me, it is a constant struggle. Keeping 23 ten year olds in check is difficult and tiring, and during certain circumstances, impossible. However after 6 weeks I can see the results of my implemented effort. Now is where the fun begins. Now I can start seeing the fruits of my labour. As I am writing this I recently came out of a science class with my kids. I gave them a 50 minutes lecture on the rainforest. Not one complaint, NOT EVEN ONE. I was amazed, I asked them what their favourite subject was and 90% of them answered science,  ‘’Because in science we learn about the things around us’’. On top of that they yelled with happiness when I gave them a worksheet and one of the girls approached me at the desk, she gave me a hug  and said ‘’You are so good today Miss’’. Short and concise (Yes, I will work on teaching them superlatives). No, not all of my days are like this, not even close, but that feeling will keep me going for another few days, until the next highlight arrives and blows me away.