I will always be grateful to have taught for CBS, to have met the future leaders of Honduras.


Before teaching in Honduras, my life’s most recent adventure was travelling in Asia.
Since 2014, I made an accord to visit one foreign country per year so I visited
Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar for a month. When I was there, what do
you know, I got lost. As humans, finding one’s own way is life’s greatest challenge-
try doing it in Vietnamese or Burmese. I can confidently say I spoke neither although
determination is a universal language. So is drive, and now I’m in Honduras.
I didn’t drive to Honduras; I flew economy. But the drive to create social change
brought me here, or at least it used to. Now, my motivation to succeed as a teacher
comes from my students. 29 to be exact, each and every single one of them inspire
me in and out of class. Like with lenity, my kids know how to share. I’ve seen them
stand in unison to help someone in trouble.

Moments like this is why I enjoy what I do, moments of beauty – in their ability to
surpass expectations or the strength they lend me. Volunteering in Honduras is not
easy; it’s like RuPaul’s Drag Race. There are lots of mini challenges but the maxi
challenge is to be a great teacher. Or more of a mentor – I wanted to set a great
example. Their parents sacrifice so much, I want their children to have the best.
Should I “set fire to the rain,” it’s because of my kids.

Should I continue to impact global change, it’s because of my students. So much of
my devotion for social work has a lot to do with them – in their ability to inspire
lives. If it were all up to me, I would all forge their future. I will always be grateful to
have taught for CBS, to have met the future leaders of Honduras.

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